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Summary of Small Things


Book two in the Inland Writers-short reads from the Centre of Australia. I have left the grandsons in bed rather than wake them. My daughter texts to say there are tears. The plane takes off. As we hover over Alice Springs I notice a maze of brown twisting threads. Creativity requires isolation, time, practice, concentrated and undisturbed effort. It will be a quiet New Year's Eve. Another friend has died - she simply ran out of breaths ... the woman serving in Bunnings takes it in her stride that I have fronted up with tek screws and washers ... I can't decide what to do with the Indian yellow oil paint. I look at my own body and it is a map of my journey. It shows I have lived and loved and am not ready to give it up yet. Poetic fragments from the journal of an artist, spanning the closing months of a year in the remote desert town of Alice Springs. In the quiet space of a house, with a new set of bold paints and Rumi and Basho as companions, life unfolds. `Astute observations of her immediate environment, together with literary pickings, shine through Carol's diary as she prepares to exhibit her paintings. Her healthy self-doubt is balanced by agile and sure prose that has an inviting, chatty confidentiality.' - Rod Moss

ISBN: 9780648062912

Title: Summary of Small Things

Author: Carol Adams

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