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The NT Writer's Festival will be held in Alice Springs from 16 to 19 May 2019 and the  theme for this year's festival is Lyapirtneme/Returning.

The official program will be launched in March 2019. 

For further information, please click on NT Writers Centre.

Red Kangaroo Books is proud to be the official bookseller at the NT Writers' Festival for 2019.

You can find us at 79 Todd Mall, Alice Springs.  We offer a great range of Australian books. 

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We have an extensive range of Indigenous books in our store. We also sell Australian history, biographies, and fiction. 



'Hey! What does it take to have a thriving, real book shop these days, in a small town when bookshops are becoming scarce even in cities? How about their carefully-curated stock of fine, local reading matter, for a start? A fair number of visitors to The Alice do get the distinct impression that they'd better start reading what the locals have written (yes, Alice has the highest number of educated cognoscenti per head outside of Canberra!) From historical to the outrageous. poetry to pictorial to Pitjantjatjara, browsing this jewel amongst bookshops will be frustratingly cut short by your impending flight departure. My advice is grab just two books and slip in one of Red Kangaroo's bookmarks so you can order more from home. (Google Business Review, No Reply, 23 October 2016)'